There is a significant food recall of dogs. Here is the essential information you should be aware of.

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Food recall: Despite widespread fears that a government shutdown could affect our food supply due to a lack of foodborne illness testing or recall warnings, it appears that someone must be at home at the FDA as the issues surrounding the December recall were explained this week. No, we didn’t learn more about the lettuce issues; that was the problem with Fido’s holiday.

According to Cooking Light, the huge dry dog ​​food recall that was extended last month has even more causes behind it than originally reported. The recall first cited excessive levels of added vitamin D in nine brands, according to the FDA here. Excess vitamin D can lead to health complications such as kidney failure in dogs and can be potentially fatal.

food recall of dogs

But the new problem is that a tenth brand, A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for dogs, has tested positive for salmonella. Salmonella in dog food can be a problem not only for dogs (like excess vitamin D) but also for owners who handle it. It’s only been one sample so far, so a full national recall hasn’t been issued for it, but if you have any of the brands listed, be sure to check the brands, dates, and lots listed in the FDA warnings.

Basically, it’s best to just triple-check that what you’re feeding Rover is safe. If it’s not, you’ll want to get rid of it immediately – in a way that no other animal can get to it (even if you hate raccoons, you really would. They shouldn’t be giving your garbage eaters salmonella. You’ll also want to clean and disinfect wherever food has been stored, as it can be transmitted by contact.

As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry!

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