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Whether you’re throwing back whatever happens to latch onto your hook or catching your dinner, fishing is a great way to pass the time. Although throwing a line from the beach can be soothing, it’s not the only way to do it. Here are some pointers to help you have enjoyable and safe boat-based fishing excursions.

1. Obtain your licenses

Your fishing license should be in your possession already, but if you’re planning to go fishing from a boat, be sure you have all the required licenses. If you intend to keep your catch, this is quite crucial.

2. Switch Up Your Outfit

When you’re on the boat, shield yourself from the sun. Invest in UV-blocking clothes, shield your eyes with polarized lenses, and slather any exposed skin with sunscreen. Because of the sun’s rays reflecting off the water, sunburns sustained while at sea are far worse than those sustained on land.

3. Continue to be Prepared

On an average yacht, you won’t have much space, so keep everything orderly. The last thing you want is to fall into the water after tripping over some misplaced gear or a loose fishing rod.

4. Examine the Weather

Ensure that you closely monitor marine forecasts. On the water, an afternoon thunderstorm that is onshore can be extremely dangerous, particularly if you’re in a small boat. Keep an eye on the weather and pack accordingly if you’re not sure you’ll be safe.

5. Recognize the Rules

Before you leave, familiarize yourself with the fishing and boating laws in your area. This will cover everything from no-wake zones to the minimum size required to maintain a specific species, and everything in between.

6. Verify Everything Again

It can be difficult to return to land if you forget something important, especially if you’re not renting a boat and are traveling in your own vessel. Before you go for the day, make sure you have everything you need.

7. Remember to Pack Snacks

You will become hungry while fishing unless you catch anything that would make good sashimi. Bring snacks and a picnic lunch if you intend to spend the day on the water, or buy a grill that is safe to use on a boat so you can prepare your catch as soon as you pull it out of the water.

8. Get more ice

You’ll need a place to put your catch if you intend to retain it so it doesn’t spoil while you carry on with your fishing expedition. Keep a cooler on board to hold your catch, and stock up on ice.

9. Use the Appropriate Tool

With a fly fishing rod, you wouldn’t troll for tuna, would you? Ensure that your gear is appropriate for the type of fish you are targeting. When in doubt, use a thicker line to ensure that you don’t lose your catch or your pricey lures in the event that your line breaks.

10. Move Without Thinking

The fish aren’t biting if they’re not showing signs of biting. If you’re not catching anything, don’t waste your day sitting in one place. Move on if you are in one spot for an hour or two without even a bite to eat. When you’re searching for new locations, Fishidy can be useful. To help you decide what and where to target, Fishidy provides seasonal fishing recommendations and depth contours.

11. Get Your Trailer in Shape

Before you go out on the lake, spend some time practicing with your boat trailer if you’re not renting one that is already in the water. Learning how to use one can be difficult. Catching fish isn’t the only aspect of fishing. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and returning home safely.

12. Hand Sanitize

Fish have extraordinarily keen senses of smell. They will sense the sunscreen on you and be less inclined to bite if you apply sunscreen before baiting your hook. Keep your workload as light as possible. Hand wash before you begin to bait.

13. Prioritize safety

Water safety is a serious matter. Every year, 332 individuals drown in boat-related events, according to the CDC. Make sure everyone else is wearing their life vest and put on your own. Keep yourself safe when sailing.

Be careful and enjoy yourself.

You can catch species that are impossible to capture from the land when you fish from a boat. The best advice we can give, whether you’re fishing for dinner or releasing your catch, is to enjoy yourself and keep safe while out on the water.

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